Killing Time (With Purpose)

Taking a break from cleaning the house and writing for a short bit today, I found myself surfing the interwebz for… well, anything that looked remotely interesting to read while I sat on my ass, drinking tea. I’m an insatiable link junkie, always clicking link after link after link in search of my next fix. Maybe I have ADLD (Attention Deficit Laziness Disorder). Anyway, it eventually set me off on a quest for writing-related articles and advice, because why not?

Since it’s NaNoWriMo and those of us who are participating are all in a tizzy this month, whipping our words to and fro, hither and thither, up and down and all around, here are a few quick reads for a little inspiration and advice that might help things along, or at least give you something to do during those times when you’re not actively writing. Like right now.

And look! They’re all numbered so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you even click the links. Yay!

The 22 Rules of Storytelling (According to Pixar)

10 Secrets To Write Better Stories

25 Things You Should Know About Writing A Novel

42 Fiction Writing Tips for Novelists

Neil Gaiman’s 8 Good Writing Practices

How To Write A Novel: 25 Rules


Best of luck to everyone! You can do it!


You can do it all night long!



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