Apology Letter #829

Dear K,

I’m sorry that I laughed (and laughed and laughed) when you told me about how you were in the middle of driving around, searching for car accidents when I finally called you back. After seven missed calls and three texts from you over the course of an hour because my ringer was off and my phone was in the car while I was outside talking to my friends after the last day of school ended. And then yeah… we took the kids down the street to have ice cream because we’re fun and exciting and spontaneous like that. I have a Cool Mom image to maintain, right? I probably should have called to let you know.

How long have we been married now? Almost 13 years. Do I ever answer my goddamn phone? But seriously yo, I apologize for laughing… that was wrong of me.

Although I have to tell you it is very reassuring to know that if I am ever abducted by aliens or kidnapped and held for ransom by meth-heads you’ll be on top of that shit right away. Hell, you’ll probably know what happened to me before I do.

Also, there’s a Reese’s Flurry waiting in the freezer for you.