Oh, The Horror!

My older daughter is twelve years old and she’s one of the biggest Walking Dead fans you’ll ever meet. Yes, you read that right. Doom watches The Walking Dead. Her fascination with fear began about a year ago or so, after she had seen a part of some random horror movie during a sleepover at … Continue reading


I am done. Done. Done. Done. I should have created a category called Shit My Kids DON’T Do. So I got up this morning, came downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee and took notice of the ever-expanding mess on the kitchen counters. Every single (and previously clean) surface was covered in one or … Continue reading

Saturday Bloody Saturday

My older daughter, Doom, is eleven and very recently began the long walk down the red brick road that leads to Womanhood. Because of this, I have started inking a teeny tiny, itty bitty, wee little spot on the calendar to mark the dates upon which she encounters the Red Sea so that I can … Continue reading